I’m John Moret sometimes referred to as ‘Mr SIPP’ because of my passion for and advocacy of Self Invested Personal Pensions

I’ve spent over forty years working in the life and pensions industry and was in at the birth of SIPPs in 1989/90 and have since helped shape the SIPP industry having been the inaugural chairman of the SIPP Provider Group (now relabelled AMPs www.ampsonline.co.uk). I was also at the forefront of the redesign in 1995 of the at retirement market with the introduction of income drawdown.

I am chair of a networking and discussion forum for senior pension professionals - The Pensions Network www.the-pensions-net-work.com. I am also non-executive chairman of a specialist retirement planning advisory firm Intelligent Pensions www.intelligentpensions.com and I also chair Investor in Customers www.investorincustomers.com a leading customer experience consultancy